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G.i.L® - Go in Light

G.i.L® is the explosion-proof marker light that can be attached to various grounds with the help of a carrier plate and can be removed without leaving any residues. From the outside, G.i.L® consists of a cylindrical, transparent plastic housing, framed by a protective cover made of a mass that contains silicone and impedes attenuation. On the inside there is a board to which 8 LEDs are attached at the front and 16 LEDs in the scope. A numeric display, battery level indicator, and the high-performance batteries are also located on the board. A service life of approximately 60 hours in continuous operation is guaranteed.

G.i.L® is classified under category III of equipment group II of explosion-proof electrical devices and hence, it can be used in explosion protection zones 2 and 22.

Typical examples of usage:

» Common » Fire service » Ambulance » Industry

Further Downloads:

» G.i.L operating instructions (PDF)
» G.i.L EC-declaration of conformity (PDF)
» G.i.L product flyer (german) (PDF)

Product feedback:
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G.i.L® Carrier Plate

The carrier plate is a plastic plate which can be attached to G.i.L. through Velcro tape (fleecy side) and is equipped with special adhesive strips. The adhesive strip sticks to all grounds that are not brittle or dry and can be removed without leaving any residues. For safety reasons the carrier plate needs to be replaced after every operation.

G.i.L® Maintenance-Set

The maintenance-set includes 3 seal rings, 2 screws, 1 tube of silicon grease, and 2 batteries. G.i.L has to be maintained according to certain aspects: After each operation the carrier plate has to be renewed and if necessary, the battery needs to be replaced as well. The device may only be used with the supplied batteries. A weekly functional check and battery check is required.

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