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Latest News

Disaster contrl of the city Aachen

Special manufactured G.i.L product for the disaster control of the city Aachen.

! not allowed for the road traffic !

The marker light is not allowed to use in the road traffi.

IHK - voluntary work

Eifel Award

Many thanks for the Award and the very good organisation and event.

G.i.L - black housing, blue LEDs

The new G.i.L S150 Standard Version

G.i.L® S150 is specifically designed for police, emergency services and other aid organizations that do not necessarily depend on Atex protection.
The use of the marker light makes it easy for everyone to see where the damage event is. As a result, vital / precious time is saved.



Report about G.i.L on feuer-haus.de. just follow the link

Patent approval

EU patent pending

Appearance on RTL - Get the money, 5000 € for your idea

We are proud to say that we won the 19th season of "Get the cabbage".
The program can be viewed for up to 30 days (from 06.11.2018) at www.tvnow.de.

Article in the emergency medical service journal

Article in BrandSchutz Issue 8/2017

The trade magazine BrandSchutz from Kohlhammer Verlag has written an article about G.i.L.
This article can be found in the issue 8/2017 or online, under the following link

Test Series with the Professional Fire Department Aachen

Since mid-October 2016 six prototypes are in operation at the professional fire department Aachen for exercise purposes. First operations have already been successful and we are happy about the positive resonance.

CO-Operation in Aachen

CO (carbon monoxid) operation in two houses. G.i.L in dual operation.
Due to G.i.L. the succeeding fire fighters could immediately recognize the deployment site which could therefore directly be sealed off as required.

G.i.L in Operation

Operation on January 5th 2017 in Aachen Königsmühlenweg

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