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About VennTec

VennTec GmbH was founded on March 1st 2016. Shareholders are Nico Thomas and Frank Läufer. We are a Start Up-company.
An innovative business idea or rather problem solution encouraged us to found the company.

Nico Thomas’ main profession is constructor in engineering and he is a state certified business economist.
Frank Läufer is a leading firefighter and crew manager as well as paramedic at the professional fire department Aachen.

Shop talk about problems during firefighting operations finally led us to the idea of a standardized deployment site marking. Thus, important time, possibly for saving lives, is no longer lost.
Internet research quickly revealed that there is no comparable product on the market.

Even though there are possibilities of marking entrance doors, operation sites or the like with makeshifts such as jackets, hand lamps etc. this is not very convenient because hand lamps can only be placed on the floor which makes it easy for them to be overlooked and jackets do not glow in the dark.

This way, the idea of a standardized deployment site marking grew from the product development up until the company foundation.


Convenient distribution via our online shop.


Our products are delivered by parcel service.

CE- and ATEX Certified

Safe products for extreme surroundings.

Patent Application

Unique product range.

Made in Germany

First-class product quality.

One Year Warranty